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No Pain, No Gain?

Will a Deep Tissue Massage hurt?

While  it is true that some therapeutic approaches to massage can be painful, it is always within your control to dictate how the session unfolds. Tolerance level to pressure as well as preferences of each individual are considered by Kristine first and foremost. “No pain no gain” is a popular misconception when it comes to deep tissue or sports massage and is not necessarily true or safe in all situations. It is important to note that the nervous system does not always benefit from this approach.

Check out this quote from a great article on Deep Tissue Massage vs. Deep Pressure Massage

"Some believe that Deep Tissue Massage means that the therapist pushes as hard as possible with their elbow into the client’s muscles. The more it hurts, the more effective the work.

This is not only an inaccurate and potentially harmful picture of this type of therapy, but such misguided practices can bruise muscles, elicit a defensive reaction in a client’s body, and worsen pain cycles. Properly executed deep tissue work should not cause the client to grit their teeth in agony as the therapist coerces the body into submission! If you find yourself clenching, shortening or holding your breath, or gritting your teeth, then it’s TOO DEEP. Even when it gets intense, it should not go above about a 7 on the pain scale: enough to “hurt so good,” but not enough that you want to leap off the table (and never come back)."