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Weekly Promotions

New Client Special of 15 Minutes added free of charge to the first session is not available for promotions on this page. 

Clients will be given their New Client welcome package and will be able to receive 15 minutes free of charge added to their first regular priced massage session booked in the future. 

Promotional (free) Gift Cards may not be used for services on this page due to the already reduced rates. 

Regular (paid for) gift certificates may be used towards these services.

Summer Spa Treatment Specials

Each two weeks this summer we offer a different Spa Massage Treatment at a discounted rate!

The Following Treatment is Available at a Discount Until August 4, 2018

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. It is an ancient holistic system of medicine that is indigenous to India and has been widely practiced there for over 5000 years. The belief is that when the body is out of balance, it cannot function to its fullest potential

Ayurveda seeks to balance the 3 Doshas or Humors, to attain good health. Ayurvedic Massage utilizes specific techniques to bring them to balance. Clients will be given a short assessment of their constitution and Dosha-specific techniques, warm oils and aromatherapy will be utilized during the session.

Deeply relaxing and balancing.

Note: Ayurvedic massage begins with an oily coconut oil scalp massage. Clients will have oily hair after the session

90 Minutes: $105+GST (Regular Price $125+GST)