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Deep Relaxation Massage

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Therapeutic Massage Treatments

Our therapeutic massage treatments are designed to alleviate pain, tension, stress and alignment issues. They are excellent for those suffering from physical injuries, chronic stress and tension, active individuals or those who sit at a computer all day.

At Momentum we want to make your session memorable. 
We endeavor to provide an experience that sets us apart from expensive spas and clinical massage therapy offices.  

At Momentum your intake and assessment is not part of your massage time so a 60 minute appointment is actually 60 minutes of hands-on time unlike most clinics and spas where you receive 50 minute treatments in a 60 minute appointment. For this reason Kristine recommends you factor in approximately 30 extra minutes to your time with us before you have to go elsewhere. This allows for a more relaxed visit prior to the treatment and lets you to take your time leaving.  After your massage you will be given your New Client Welcome Package and are encouraged to relax, take your time, browse our wellness store and have a cup of tea in our warm, cozy waiting lounge.


All treatments are provided by a Certified Bodywork Practitioner. There are no RMTs available

Signature Flow Massage

Unwind with a deeply relaxing session. 

Our Signature treatment is the ultimate in Mind-Body bliss. Let your stress go as your practitioner creates a unique improvised treatment designed to relax the body and calm the mind. 

Complimentary custom blended essential oils just for you and hot towels are added to increase the relaxation process.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. It is especially helpful for releasing chronic tensions in problem areas such as shoulders, low back and neck that are a result of computer/smartphone use, poor posture or sports activities and injuries. 

60 Minute session allows for one area of focus to be addressed (ie: upper body concerns or lower body).

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Deep Flow Bodywork

Momentum's Signature treatment, Deep Flow is an intuitive, alignment-based approach to Bodywork and Massage.  It awakens natural intuition around touch and grows the understanding of the body's integrity in order to promote and balance structural/physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.

Deep Flow sessions interweave  Myofascial Release techniques, stretching, Restorative Yoga and Body-Mind Integration  principles into a unique full body treatment tailored to the client's individual needs as it progresses.  Unlike standard Massage Therapy where generally only one area of the body is worked on, Deep Flow Bodywork  addresses the body in its entirety so the client experiences an integrated 'wholistic' treatment.  The combination of  Bodywork, Alignment and Mindfulness  creates a unique, customized treatment for each individual.

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Spa Add-Ons

Kristine offers Spa Add-Ons such as scrubs, herbal foot soaks and warm stones that you may add onto most therapeutic massage sessions to increase relaxation and well being.

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