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Restorative Bodywork

Restorative Bodywork combines Manual Therapy with Restorative Yoga as a means to balance and align the body, mind, breath and soul. The combination of the two therapies helps regulate the client's nervous system and introduces a vast array of new healing and well-being possibilities for the client. This therapy addresses imbalances of both the physical and emotional bodies.

Clients will led through a series of customized Restorative Yoga postures while the practitioner gently applies myofascial release techniques to assist the client in releasing deep holding patterns in the body that can feed chronic pain or stress related ailments. These postures will prepare the client to be more receptive to soft tissue work, so that a greater depth of healing can be achieved.

Sessions run for approximately 105 minutes.

 Clients are encouraged to book on a day where they can take time after the session to relax in our wellness lounge and disconnect from the stresses of daily living.


105 Minutes: $135+GST

Restorative Yoga/Bodywork Classes for groups of 3-4 people are available upon request. 

Contact Kristine for pricing and to set up class schedule.

Prices do not include 5% GST

New Clients Receive a welcome package valued at $30 and $10 off all future Restorative Bodywork Sessions