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MSP Premium Assistance and Third Party Insurance

I have MSP Premium Assistance. Can I use it for Bodywork?

  • No you may not. Some people qualify for premium assistance with MSPBC. It offers clients $20 reimbursement from certain services including Registered Massage Therapy. Bodywork is not covered under this plan.

  • Registered Massage Therapy costs up to $120/hour session. Momentum's rate for an hour massage is $95. This is less than the same out -of -pocket rate you will receive if you use your MSP premium assistance. Combined with our monthly specials, promotions and Monthly Wellness Program or VIP Membership you can pay even less for your massage treatments than you would if covered by MSP and still receive quality, therapeutic bodywork and massage.

Re: Third Party Insurance in BC

Many clients ask if they can get a receipt for reimbursement from their health insurance plan.  In British Columbia there are strict regulations that dictate which services qualify for MSP premium assistance and Third Party Insurance.

Kristine is certified with over 1000 hours of training and is active in pursuing her own continuing education.  Unfortunately for those wishing to be reimbursed through third party insurance because her training was not through a CMTBC (College of Massage Therapists in BC) accredited school, most insurance companies in British Columbia do not reimburse for services. If you have a plan that offers Bodywork as an option contact your provider for more information as it is possible that some private plans have a provision for alternative treatments.

Because not everyone has insurance coverage Momentum's rates are scaled down to offer lower rates than RMTs and most Bodyworkers in the lower mainland. Kristine offers weekly and monthly specials for new clients and discounts on packages to regular clients who wish to commit to a regular treatment plan as an investment in their health. Receipts can be issued for tax purposes.

Finding the right practitioner for your needs can be challenging. Kristine is fully trained to take care of most musculoskeletal issues, alignment issues, patterns of tension and overall aches and pains. Her holistic client-customized approach to bodywork means that each session is unique and tailored to your needs for the day, addressing the area of concern as well as the rest of the body as opposed to a more clinical approach that may not allow for therapeutic relaxation. She also offers spa modalities with a therapeutic touch which are not offered by Registered Therapists, insurance companies reimburse for medical massage treatments only.

If a client has a specific condition that requires more extensive treatment Kristine has a referral list of excellent Registered Massage Therapists in the neighbourhood to assist in your treatment.