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Fall Massage Promotions

Special rates on this page are as-is, GST not included, and not to be combined with any other offer or coupon. 

These rates apply to studio visits only at Kristine's New Westminster Location unless indicated otherwise

New Client Special

New Clients Receive 15 Minutes added to their first 60, 75 or 90 Minute regular priced massage session and a Welcome Package when booking with Kristine. 

Welcome Package includes

-A Returning Client Promotion Card

Return clients receive special rates on subsequent massage sessions, Birthday Massage Promotions and special rates for referring friends and family.

-Gift cards for $10 off any future regular priced massages to share with friends and family

-One bonus point added to your Client Rewards Program

-A jar of custom blended aromatherapy bath salts

-A sweet chocolate treat

-An entry into our monthly prize draw. 

Prizes include massage gift cards, wellness products, bath products and more 

September's Prize Draw is for a $30 Gift Card



Please mention 'New Client Special' when booking 


Purchase a package of 3-5 sessions immediately after your first massage to save up to $24 on your first session. 

Click Here for Package Pricing

**Regular Priced Sessions at our New Westminster Location Only

Advanced Deep Flow Bodywork

Momentum's signature treatment, Deep Flow Bodywork is an intuitive, alignment-based approach to Bodywork and Massage. it awakens natural intuition around touch and grows the understanding of the body's integrity in order to promote and balance structural, physical, emotional and spiritual alignment. 

Where a full body Deep Flow Bodywork session addresses the body as a whole and offers short-term relief and relaxation from daily stress and tension patterns, Advanced Deep Flow Bodywork focuses on how to change the body's habitual and structural issues in a more lasting way. This involves more client interaction than a regular Deep Flow session, and a slightly more segmented approach. Utilizing knowledge of the Myofasical Meridians of the body, myofasical release techniques, Yoga Therapy and guided breathwork offers an integrated approach to rebalancing the body's alignment.

Freeing The Torso

Freeing the torso addresses the needs of the upper body. Areas of focus include the thoracic spine, scapula, rhomboids, rotator cuff, subscapularis, sternum and ribcage to treat issues such as collapsing chest, head forward posture, upper back tension, shortness of breath/anxiety, and rounded shoulders,

The full body will be addressed however this is not a full body massage.

Session lasts one hour and forty minutes

October Promotional Rate: $120+GST (Regular Value $130+GST)

Freeing the Pelvis and Locomotors

Freeing the Pelvis and Locomotors addresses the needs of the lower body. Areas of focus include the lumbar spine, low back erectors, sacrum, hip rotators, adductors, piriformis, glutes and, if appropriate, the iliopsoas. Hamstrings, calves and the illiotibial tract will also be addressed.

The full body will be addressed however this is not a full body massage.

Session lasts one hour and forty minutes

October Promotional Rate: $120+GST (Regular Value $130+GST)

Purchase a Package of Two (one of each or two of the same) 

to save an additional $15

Acupressure scalp massage

Save on Two Hour Massage Sessions This October

Book any Two Hour Therapeutic Massage to save $15/session in September

Applies to the following services:
Relaxation Massage
 Deep Tissue Massage
 Deep Flow Bodywork
 Deep Relaxation Massage
Zen Shiatsu

Clients receive $15 off Regular Priced Sessions Only. 

Not to be combined with any other special 

Promotional Gift cards may not be used in conjunction with this promotion

$130+GST (Regular Value $145+GST)

Fall Immune Boosting Massage

Prepare yourself for the upcoming flu season with a session designed to strengthen your immune system.

Treatment begins with a warming epsom salt foot bath with anti-viral Thieve's Oil designed to boost immunity. Foot soak is followed by a full body deep relaxation massage that increases lymphatic flow in the body and reduces stress and tension, incorporating a warm steam bowl and hot towels with our special immune blend of essential oils. Hot towels will also be wrapped around the feet and placed under the neck to increase relaxation.

Clients will be sent home with a jar of our signature 'Breathe Blend' essential oil epsom salts to use in the bath or in a hot steam bowl.

90 Minutes: $130+GST

Two Hours: $145+GST

Deep Flow Massage

Weekly Massage Promotions

This Fall we are offering a different Massage Modality each week at a discounted price!

Save up to $20/Session