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Energy Sounds of the Divine
Energy and Sound Healing with Kaayla Ryane

If you're feeling stressed, out of balance, needing to re-charge your batteries, or looking to go deeper in your healing and evolution you've come to the right place. Energy Sounds of the Divine has the right modality to fit your needs.  All  modalities heal on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels allowing you to connect more deeply to your authentic self. 

At Energy Sounds Of The Divine Kaayla is interested in the whole being, helping you with Kundalini, Karuna Reiki, Sound with Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Spiritual Counselling, Pet Care with Animal Reiki, Dog Walking, Pet &/or House Sitting, to balance mind/body/spirit! The Angelic Beings Kaayla works with guide her to what you need in the  moment. Kaayla's space is filled with high vibration crystals that enhance the treatment.

About Kaayla Ryane

Kundalini, Karuna/Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

Kaayla is a Kundalini, Karuna/Usui Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing Reiki since 1991.  She took her Master/Teaching level in 1997 and in 1999 took a Japanese Reiki Workshop with Doi San in Vancouver, learning all the original practices that Mikao Usui used when he developed Reiki in Japan. 

Wanting to take her evolution to the next level, Kaayla learned Karuna Reiki levels 1,2,3 & Master in February 2011 and Kundalini Reiki in January 2018 . During the early years of practicing Reiki she realized many clients wanted  to discuss what came up for them during a session so she took a Basic Counselling Course in 1999 in order to better serve their needs. 

While on my her healing journey she was introduced to the beautiful sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls. She fell in love with them immediately and had to have her own set.  This expanded her consciousness even further by using Sound combined with Reiki as a daily spiritual practice. She also started using crystals to release, clear, and support her process. 

To read more about Kaayla and her healing journey visit her website


Services Offered

Integrative Energy Healing

Hands on healing, bringing in the Angelic Realms & Ascended Masters to assist with the energy you need in the moment. Allowing you to feel more relaxed and connected. Benefits are increased energy, feeling of peace, bliss & joy. Works on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels of your being.

45 Minutes: $70

Sound Healing and Clearings
Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, tingshas, sometimes Tibetan Bells are used. Sound works at a deep cellular level helping you to release deep seated issues that have been held in the cells of your body for a very long time. Clears, Rebalances the chakras, helps to de-stress, works on all levels to heal.

45 Minutes: $80

Karuna Reiki Combining Sound

Combines the benefits of both Reiki and Sound Healing. Working on your chakra systems, clearing any blockages held in the cells. Your cells carry all memory of what you lived throughout all your lifetimes. Moving the energy with sound and Reiki energy greatly helps to bring to the conscious mind any unhealed issues that need your attention. This will also help to get the blocked energy centers moving & flowing smoothly again. Also can be just to pamper yourself to feel your best and refreshed.

60 Minutes: $100

Spiritual Counselling

If you are feeling stuck, or unsure as to the next step to take on your spiritual journey, Kaayla can help you sort it all out and make sense of it all. She has a compassionate ear with a gentle, understanding heart and is here to support you in your process. We are all One. We are in this together. 

60 Minutes: $100