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Deep Flow Bodywork

Momentum's Signature treatment, Deep Flow is an intuitive, alignment-based approach to Bodywork and Massage.  It awakens natural intuition around touch and grows the understanding of the body's integrity in order to promote and balance structural/physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.

Deep Flow sessions interweave  Myofascial Release techniques, stretching, Restorative Yoga and Body-Mind Integration  principles into a unique full body treatment tailored to the client's individual needs as it progresses.  Unlike standard Massage Therapy where generally only one area of the body is worked on, Deep Flow Bodywork  addresses the body in its entirety so the client experiences an integrated 'wholistic' treatment.  The combination of  Bodywork, Alignment and Mindfulness  creates a unique, customized treatment for each individual.

Deep Flow Bodywork begins with a postural assessment/ body reading to assess physical imbalances and pinpoint tensions that lead to poor alignment and pain.  Clients will be coached to feel proper alignment before the session starts. Bodywork techniques utilized during the treatment include joint mobilizations, soft tissue massage techniques and assisted yoga stretches. Guided breathing during the massage plays a key role in quieting the mind, allowing the nervous system to reach a neutral state for optimal relaxation. 

Clients will be given feedback and stretches or exercises to bridge the gap between appointments. Practitioner and client work together to reach the intention set for the session. To learn more about Deep Flow Bodywork go to www.deepflow.ca

Sessions are available for 90 minutes or 2 Hours 

  • 90 Minutes  $120
  • 2 Hours  $145

Rates do not include 5% GST

New Clients Receive 15 Minutes added free of charge to the first session and a welcome package valued at $30