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Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. It is an ancient holistic system of medicine that is indigenous to India and has been widely practiced there for over 5000 years. The belief is that when the body is out of balance, it cannot function to its fullest potential

Ayurveda seeks to balance the 3 Doshas or Humors, to attain good health. Ayurvedic Massage utilizes specific techniques to bring them to balance. Clients will be given a short assessment of their constitution and Dosha-specific techniques, warm oils and aromatherapy will be utilized during the session.

Deeply relaxing and balancing.

Note: Ayurvedic massage begins with an oily coconut oil scalp massage. Clients will have oily hair after the session

All Spa Services begin with a warm aromatherapy mineral salt foot soak

  • 90 Minutes $130

New Clients Receive a welcome package valued at $30
Rates do not include 5% GST