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Quotes My Experience was wonderful. Kristine is a wonderful massage therapist and general healer, who always makes each session excellent. I highly recommend! Quotes
Debbie Lynn

Quotes Best deep tissue massage ever! Quotes
Clayton Haskell
Film and TV Actor

Quotes I see Kristine twice a month. I have been seeing her for 2 years. She is caring and the atmosphere there is very relaxing. Quotes
Susie Su
Regular Customer

Quotes Location is central and minutes walk from either Columbia or New West Sky Trains. Comfortable, Appealing Space with great Ambiance. Relaxation and pain Relief with skill and genuine care. Much more for about the same cost you get back from insurance after seeing an RMT. Overall comparison = No contest Momentum won hands down :) Quotes
L. Dunbya

Quotes Kristine gives the best massages in New West! She's super knowledgeable and super nice to boot! Quotes
Shirley Wong

Quotes Kristine is the best and whether she is doing mobile massage or in her lovely relaxing studio I always end the sessions feeling so much better Quotes
Sheila Leigh

Quotes I have suffered chronic back pain for over a decade and sought relief from at least a dozen different practitioner's over the years. Kristine's technique is very, very good and after just 2 sessions with her I feel taller and straighter. She knows the body well and is able to knead out deep, hidden kinks intuitively! A necessary pain while i'm there for tremendous relief afterwards. I also loved her cupping technique and found it to yield very quick results. Quotes
Hasina West

Quotes As an avid deal finder I often find myself on websites such as groupon, livingsocial and the like, and as a result of finding such fabulous prices, I've learned to keep my expectations to an all time low when trying new places with a voucher. I was thrilled when Kristine's deal showed up on ethicaldeal allowing me to purchase a 60 minute massage, in my neck of the woods, with the option of trying myo fascial cupping for the first time. Kristine is extremely friendly and very personable and her and I began chatting right away. She's fantastic at what she does and really takes the time to customize her work to your needs. I've purchased dozens of massages at many different practitioners and she performed maneuvers that no one else had done before. Upon leaving Kristine showered me in chocolates and surprised me with complimentary epsom salts to take home with me. The salts were divine in my bath and were the perfect addition to such an incredible massage. Quotes
Kayley B

Quotes Kristine is super personable and does a good job easing in to the massage and then bringing you out gradually, rather than just working hard on you and then stopping abruptly at the end of the time like a typical RMT visit. My body felt great after and it was really enjoyable speaking with Kristine during the massage. Quotes
Amanda Tidsdale

Quotes Kristine maintained good contact with me throughout the booking process, and I felt welcome and comfortable before we even met for the first time. I LOVE being able to receive a 90 min massage and I really appreciate the fact that Kristine is generously offering me an extremely reasonable rate which makes getting a massage affordable. Quotes
Tanissa Martindale