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Spring Yoga Series Classes

Delve deeper into your practice and renew your commitment to good health this spring with series classes designed to help you reach your goals faster. 

Note: As Spring Series Classes have started those wishing to take the classes may do one of the following:

  • Sign up for single classes 
  • Sign up for the remainder of the series at a pro-rated price 
(price dependent on how far into the series you sign up)

Please contact Essa by phone or email to sign up

Yang/Yin Series- An Offering of Balance

This is a class in which to experience the benefits of a balanced practice of Yin and Yang styles of Yoga.

A more active and dynamic Yang style of Yoga begins the class; strengthening and invigorating the body and mind. A Yang practice is one that generates heat and works primarily to stabilize and create strength. 

Yin is a practice of long-held, passive poses, that open the body to more flexibility, and energy flow. This modality centers around the fascia, joints and connective tissue in the body. It fosters a more contemplative, non-reactive quality of mind and will follow the Yang portion of class to ready the student for constructive rest.

This class will conclude with a relaxing Savasanah.

Series runs Tuesday Evenings from April 10- May 15, 2018 (Six Classes)


$120 (Taxes Included)


Therapeutic Yoga Series

This workshop leads participants through a series of Therapeutic Yoga postures coupled with Self-Myofascial Release techniques to assist in a fuller opening and release in the body. 

The goal of the series is to increase participants understanding of where tension resides in their bodies, giving them the tools to address them at home. 

Series runs Saturday afternoons from April 14- May 19, 2018


$120 (Taxes Included)