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Massage and Bodywork

Momentum offers both Therapeutic Massage and Spa-Style Treatments

All sessions include a complimentary intake and postural assessment. Your massage will always be customized to your present needs.

 At Momentum you will receive your full massage time as booked; 60 minutes is actually 60 minutes of massage unlike some spas/clinics that start the clock when you walk in the door.

Kristine does not believe in rushing the process so please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment to fill out the intake form and to ensure your full session time as booked. 
Please allow some time after for rest and integration.

Therapeutic Massage Services

All therapeutic treatments focus on alignment as well as the relief of musculoskeletal issues. Alignment in the body allows for its full range of motion. Poor alignment and posture can result in muscular compensation, limited mobility, tensions and pain. Kristine's unique style of bodywork and massage assists in relieving these issues, leading to improved posture and muscle function.

Deep Flow Bodywork

'In order for bodywork to have long-term therapeutic effects, the client must both comprehend what is occurring in their body and understand how to address the issue as part of their daily life'

-Mylene Bergeron, Founder, Deep Flow Bodywork

Momentum's Signature treatment, Deep Flow Restorative Bodywork, is an intuitive, alignment-based approach to Bodywork and Massage.  It awakens natural intuition around touch and grows the understanding of the body's integrity in order to promote and balance structural/physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.

Deep Flow sessions interweave  Myofascial Release techniques, stretching, Restorative Yoga and Body-Mind Integration  principles into a unique full body treatment tailored to the client's individual needs as it progresses.  Unlike standard Massage Therapy where generally only one area of the body is worked on, Deep Flow Bodywork  addresses the body in its entirety so the client experiences an integrated 'wholistic' treatment.  The combination of  Bodywork, Alignment and Mindfulness  creates a unique, customized treatment for each individual.

Deep Flow Bodywork begins with a body reading to assess postural imbalances and pinpoint tensions that lead to poor alignment and pain.  Adjustment of the '4-corners' of the body is followed by joint mobilizations, soft tissue techniques and assisted yoga stretches.  Breath-coaching plays a key role in quieting the mind, allowing the nervous system to reach a neutral state for optimal relaxation. Clients will be given feedback and stretches or exercises to bridge the gap between appointments. Practitioner and client work together to reach the intention set for the session. To learn more about Deep Flow Bodywork go to www.deepflow.ca

Deep Flow Bodywork is available as a series of 3-5 Sessions.

Sessions are available for 75 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 Hours 

Restorative Bodywork

Restorative Bodywork combines Manual Therapy with Restorative Yoga as a means to balance and align the body, mind, breath and soul. The combination of the two therapies helps regulate the client's nervous system and introduces a vast array of new healing and well-being possibilities for the client. This therapy addresses imbalances of both the physical and emotional bodies.

Clients will led through a series of Restorative Yoga postures while the practitioner gently applies myofascial release techniques to assist the client in releasing deep holding patterns in the body that can feed chronic pain or stress related ailments. These postures will prepare the client to be more receptive to soft tissue work, so that a greater depth of healing can be achieved.

Restorative Bodywork is available to clients as one-on-one sessions or can be booked as a 'duet' with a friend. 

Sessions run approximately 90 minutes however please set aside two hours for your treatment for integration after the session.

 Clients are encouraged to book on a day where they can take time after the session to relax in our wellness lounge and disconnect from the stresses of daily living.

Deep Tissue Massage

Focused Bodywork targeting the deeper muscle layers utilizing Myofascial Release,  Muscle Energy, Trigger Point and Neuromuscular Techniques. Treatment will require active participation by the client to achieve the best results

Relaxation Massage

Unwind with a deeply blissful session. Full body massage with soft gentle techniques relax the body and calm the mind. 

Deep Relaxation Massage

Unwind with the perfect combination of Deep Tissue and Relaxation Techniques. At Momentum we don't believe that Deep Tissue Massage has to hurt to be effective!

Enjoy a 90 Minute session that utilizes Deep Tissue techniques such as Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Technique, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Cupping (if desired). Areas of discomfort and tension will be targeted followed by a full body relaxation massage to integrate the work and make you leave feeling refreshed

Cupping Therapy
Cupping, an ancient method of health care dates back to 1550 BC.  European and American doctors adn surgeons used cupping therapy to treat a variety of conditions up to the early 1900s until modern pharmaceuticals became an easier method of treating illness and imbalance.  Cupping  is still used in Hospitals in China.  It has seen a resurgence recently as people seek out alternative, drug-free therapies to deal with their health issues.

The primary objective of cupping therapy in conjunction with massage is to promote circulation and relax the muscles. It also loosens adhesions in the superficial fascia, enabling the practitioner to work deeper into the musculature

Cupping therapy also has many benefits on different systems in the body including: skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, muscles, joints, digestive system

Cupping is  great for overall well-being and relaxation, frozen shoulder, knee pain, hamstring/Iliotibial band tightness and lymphatic drainage. It can also be used cosmetically as a treatment for sallow, sagging skin, cellulite reduction and weight loss by stimulating metabolism and digestion

Sessions can be booked as cupping-only or as a combination of massage and cupping together.

*Note: Cupping is generally safe for everyone, however certain medical conditions are contraindicated (ie: those with internal/external bleeding, pregnant women should not receive cupping therapy on abdomen, those with heart disease/pacemakers). Contact Kristine if you have any questions

Spa-Style Services

Ayurvedic Massage 

Ayurveda is the science of self-healing.  It is an ancient holistic system of medicine that is indigenous to India and has been widely practiced there for over 5000 years.  The belief is that when out of balance, the body cannot function to its best potential.  Ayurveda seeks to balance the 3 Doshas or Humors, to attain good health. Ayurvedic massage utilizes specific techniques to bring them to balance.  Clients will be given a short assessment of their constitution and Dosha-specific techniques, warm oils and aromatherapy will be utilized during the session.  Deeply relaxing and balancing.


Reflexology is the method of applying pressure to the reflexes of the foot with the intention of bringing the body back to homeostasis.  Sessions will include a full foot treatment, with any problem areas being addressed as they arise.  Clients will begin with a warming foot soak to soften the tissues and increase circulation and finish with a 10-15 minute lower leg and foot massage.

Tropical Escape Massage 

Escape the winter blues or take a much needed stay-cation with a session guaranteed to take you to another time and place!

Invoke the healing powers of a tropical paradise with our luxurious Lomi-style massage. Session begins with a warming foot soak to take the edge off your busy day. Enjoy a deep and relaxing massage with warm coconut oil infused with tropical botanicals of Jasmine, Sandalwood and Vanilla to the sounds of tropical birds and ocean waves

This massage is performed on your entire body at once, similar to Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi.  Unlike most other massages where the therapist uncovers and treats one body region at a time, during this treatment Kristine will use long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement. Professional draping is still used throughout the session.

Body and Sole Massage
This treatment starts with a detoxifying foot bath and peppermint sugar foot scrub. 
A full-body massage incorporating custom aromatherapy finishes with a foot reflexology treatment to give you a total relaxation experience.

Superb for reviving after a long flight, a long day at work, or a much needed 'stay-cation'

Warm Stone Fusion Massage

Warm up with a relaxation massage incorporating warm stones and soothing essential oils

Starting with a warming foot soak and exfoliating foot scrub, you will receive a 90 minute massage that incorporates warm stones and specialty blended essential oils to aid in relaxation.

Session finishes with acupressure scalp treatment and reflexology foot massage.

Benefits of Warm Stones Include

  • Lymphatic drainage and cleansing
  • Improves circulation
  • Relaxes muscles, soothes aches
  • Relieves stress