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Meet Kristine and her team of talented guest practitioners

Kristine Richmond

Certified Bodywork Practitioner, Owner

Kristine Richmond is a Certified Bodywork Practitioner with over 15 years experience in the health and wellness field.  She graduated with Honours at the top of her class from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, Deep Flow Academy and Yoga West in Vancouver, BC. 

Always interested in bodywork and its profound physical and emotional effects, she contemplated different massage schools before deciding on the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage because of its Holistic approach.

Shortly upon graduation from VSBM and starting her own practice she continued her education abroad at Deep Flow Academy under the instruction of Mylene Bergeron, the founder of Deep Flow Bodywork. Deep Flow sessions interweave myofascial release techniques, manual therapy, yoga therapy, and guided breathing into a unique full body treatment tailored to each client's needs with the intention of rebalancing the body's alignment.  Kristine is an Advanced Practitioner. More...

Essa Crossley

Yoga/Yoga Therapy

Vancouver local, Essa found her way on to her mat about 10 years ago. Within her first few visits to the studio she felt that she wanted to be the teacher. Being that she was a young single mom at the time, and working to provide for her son, those thoughts were pushed aside. 

Over the course of the next decade Essa felt called to her mat, although the actual focus and dedication she gave it would rise and fall with the tides. A few years ago she started practicing regularly, and soon found her life taking another change of direction, leading her back towards finding her voice as a trained yoga teacher.  More...

Adele Kafer

Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist
Adele is a Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist receiving her certification from Langara College in 2011, after a 10 month course.  After a serious car accident, resulting in whiplash, Adele was fortunate to have received Cranial Sacral Therapy to help with the concussion, headaches, neck and back pain, PTSD and TMJ.  

 For 2 months after the accident, Adele was unable to hold up her head due to torn muscles and ligaments from the base of her skull to her mid-back.  Cranial Sacral was so beneficial for pain relief and recovery, Adele decided to become a therapist in order to help other people heal from injuries in the same gentle way.   More...



Sarah Russell

Certified Bodywork Practitioner
Sarah is the proud mother of two girls aged three and six. Originally from Ontario, Sarah spent a few years abroad living in the UK prior to settling in New Westminster. 

After years of mulling it over, Sarah finally quit her job in early 2016 to follow her heart and go back to school as a mature student. She graduated from The Vancouver School Of Bodywork and Massage in June 2017 as a Certified Bodywork Practitioner, and began New Start Massage shortly after.

Sarah strongly believes in the power of touch and the amazing therapeutic effect it can have across a range of issues. She also believes that learning is a continual process, maintaining and improving her professional skills by taking courses and workshops so she can better serve her clients. More...

Barbara Smith

Usui Reiki, Energy Healing

Barbara has worked in many environments including yoga studios, women's health services, women's shelters, universities and in advertising. No matter what the setting she has noticed that people hold tension, pain and illness in their bodies and that releasing this cellular memory requires healing on many levels. Reiki is a universal energy that assists with healing and is beneficial to everyone.

Barbara provides Reiki to both people and animals. Her specialty is working with those who have experienced or who are experiencing trauma and/or addiction. More...

Cooper Dael

Acupressure Treatments

Cooper Dael is a certified aromatherapist and advanced level acupressure student.  Since having a major burnout after 12 years of academia, her main goal has been learning ways to adapt to (and reduce) stress - and regain her passion in life.  

After years of struggling with mental health issues, Cooper began to find help and support among trusted teachers, practitioners and friends in various fields of complementary health.  She was surprised to learn that all of these people had similar struggles in the past - and it was through those struggles that they first learned to help themselves, and then to help others.  This realization gave Cooper the hope that things can get better - which is a feeling that she is now dedicated to pass along to others. More...