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What is Bodywork and How Does it Differ From Registered Massage Therapy?
Do You Offer RMT Massage?

Kristine is a Certified Bodywork Practitioner, not a Registered Massage Therapist.

People often wonder what the difference is between a Certified Bodyworker and an RMT. A Registered Massage Therapist in BC is a medical professional with a scope of practice specific to assessment of soft tissue and joints of the body, and treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction, injury, pain and disorders of soft tissue and joints of the body by manipulation, mobilization and other manual methods. You will not be able to receive Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology, Ayurveda, Cupping, Yoga Therapy or other spa/holistic modalities from an RMT as this is not within their scope of practice. RMTs are regulated in the province of British Columbia by the BC College of Massage Therapists and their treatments are covered by third party insurance providers.

A Certified Bodyworker has gone through extensive schooling that may involve multiple therapeutic and holistic modalities; Western Anatomy, Kinesiology and Physiology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Structural Integration, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Trager, Reiki, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Aromatherapy and more. Bodyworkers do not have a regulating body in Canada likely due to the varied curriculum of the different programs available so most insurance companies do not reimburse for treatments by a bodyworker. Certified Bodyworkers are not estheticians, they are skilled manual therapists.  Many spas employ estheticians to do basic relaxation massage, and these estheticians have little to no training of anatomy, physiology or therapeutic techniques. Kristine graduated with Honors at the top of her class at the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage so you can be assured that you are being cared for by a skilled and educated massage professional.

When making a decision as to whether to see a Certified Bodyworker or an RMT you may take the following into account:

  • Do you have third party insurance or MSP benefits? Because RMTs are part of the BC medical system all insurance companies and MSP Premium Assistance plans cover (or partially cover) treatments, Bodyworkers may not be covered however due to provincial restrictions on massage therapy.

  • MSP Premium assistance only covers $20 of the cost of the session. RMT massage costs up to $120 or more per hour. Kristine charges $90. If you do not have insurance booking an hour with us will save you money regardless of MSP coverage.

  • Value for your time: An RMT hour consists of: intake, assessment, hands on massage time, patient education and charting. Depending on your issue and whether it is your first massage you may only receive 30-40 minutes of hands on time during your appointment. At Momentum we charge $90/hour, with our New Client Special (15 minutes added to the first session) you actually receive 75 minutes for $90. Kristine does not include intake, assessment or client education/charting into your massage time so you receive the full time booked on the massage table.

  • Each third party insurance company has different coverage. Depending on your insurance coverage it may cover as little as $20/treatment or as much as 100% of the treatment. If you only receive $20-$30 back you will pay the same or less booking with Kristine