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Acupressure Treatments with Cooper Dael

Cooper's approach is from many angles - the patient is not just a body or a symptom. She cultivates an awareness of the client as a whole being, and her gentle healing strength and wisdom are as much of a balm as the treatment, which in itself is wonderfully helpful and soothing.

-Jan Horwood

'I have known Cooper for over  four years as a client, aromatherapist and friend. She is eager to learn, open minded and has a calm relaxing personality. I have received a treatment from Cooper and found it to be both physically and energetically beneficial as well as educational. I highly recommend her acupressure treatments as a complementary technique to other health services.'

-Kristine Richmond, Owner, Momentum Bodywork and Massage

About Cooper Dael

Cooper Dael is a certified aromatherapist and advanced level acupressure student.  Since having a major burnout after 12 years of academia, her main goal has been learning ways to adapt to (and reduce) stress - and regain her passion in life.  

After years of struggling with mental health issues, Cooper began to find help and support among trusted teachers, practitioners and friends in various fields of complementary health.  She was surprised to learn that all of these people had similar struggles in the past - and it was through those struggles that they first learned to help themselves, and then to help others.  This realization gave Cooper the hope that things can get better - which is a feeling that she is now dedicated to pass along to others.

Cooper refers to herself as a helper, not a healer - as true healing always comes from within.  She is drawn to aromatherapy and the Five Element Theory of traditional Chinese medicine because both contain information and techniques to empower each individual to learn about themselves and choose what is right for them.  Cooper’s offer is that of a safe space to be as you are, and feel how you feel - and of support while you find out where you want to go, and how to get there.

  • Cooper Dael - BSc., BA., Certified Aromatherapist, Advanced Level Acupressure Student

General Service Description

The style of acupressure that Cooper practices is based on gentle, Japanese-style finger pressure in combination with the teachings of Taoism, Chinese alchemy, and Five Element Theory.  The acupressure points used are the same as those used in acupuncture - but they are stimulated using finger pressure instead of needles.  

As Cooper is currently an advanced level student, sessions will be built around her current level of knowledge and practice. 

All sessions are completed with the client fully clothed, lying face-up on a massage table.  


Single sessions each will include the following (taxes included)

Acupressure Treatment: 90 minutes

 Treatments will be generally balancing (based on yin-yang principles) - and allow for the release of emotional blockages.  Essential oils may be used to assist in the treatment - as they have energetic properties that work well with acupressure points.


Acupressure Facial: 90 Minutes

Gain the appearance of clear, glowing skin- without the use of needles or chemical injections. Using the principles of Chinese Five Element Theory, light finger pressure will be applied to acupressure points on the face, head and neck to release tension in those areas. As an added bonus, this treatment is also restful and relaxing.


*Note: Cooper does not work for Momentum Bodywork and Massage, she is a guest practitioner. Gift Certificates and Special Deal certificates are not redeemable with Cooper unless sold by Cooper

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy
  • As your time is valuable to you, so is the time set aside for your appointment. It has been reserved specifically for you

  • As a courtesy to the practitioner and fellow clients, we ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice of a change or cancellation or we do charge for the visit (50%-100% of the service value)

  • Please be on time for your appointment. We endeavor to keep as close to our scheduled appointment times as possible, as all of our clients time is of considerable value.

  • If you are late for your appointment then your treatment will still end at the scheduled time to prevent the next client's time from being affected. Full charge for the service will still be applied.

  • No Shows will result in the full charge of the session being billed to you. Deliquent accounts will be refused future services until the unpaid balance is settled